This special interview is part of a dialogue devoted to the celebration of the seventh anniversary the opening of Tanin Peak Sabalan Co.

Mr. Safa Saraj Mahdizadeh, Managing Director of Tanin Peak Sabalan Co has been featured in this interview to highlight the key challenges facing his company and the opportunities ahead for the sports industry.

Q: Please tell me at the beginning of your company and factory history.

First of all, Tanin Peak Sabalan Co was established in 2008 with the production and self-sufficiency of producing sports products, developing and improving the quality of domestic products. The first production stage included of all Rubber and leather sport balls, which were completed with the full line and the latest machines and in seven development phases in a 25,000 square-meter complex with the presence of the Sports Minister and In the future Clothing and other Sports accessories will be produced in this complex.

Q: Consider your company’s key goals in light of your company’s growing prospects.

In recent years Tanin Peak Sabalan (beta) has been paying more attention to accelerating service delivery and product quality. We have studied the determination of competitive advantage, market judgments, and customers, and believe that we will look more closely at customer-related issues, in which case we will be closer to the reality of the market.

In terms of current values ​​in our company, I can say:

 Some corporations are governed by rules, some with hierarchy, but Tanin Peak Sabalan’s spell goes along with the rules, with values. Simple but fundamental values ​​that we try to share with our shareholders, our employees and our customers. These values ​​are our guide in all of our mutual communications.

 I’ll go through the following:

 * Being Privileged

 We want to be the leader. The privilege of Tanin Peak Sabalan’s resonance is the endless passion for innovation and continuous improvement in the quality of products and services.

*Value creation

Our goal is to accurately understand the needs of our customers and move towards responding to these needs, so that customers become highly productive organizations. Our way of working is to establish long-term relationships through credible and continuous accountability to our customers and value for them.


Our goal is to create an environment that which people who are self-confident, hardworking and Effective, Vital, honest, and whoever sees the organizational and social responsibilities of their own behaviors and best practices.

* Respect for obligations

 Respect our commitment to our customers, shareholders and employees, and we trust them. We are proud to be recognized as a best business partner for all of our partners.

 Q: As you mentioned in the first question, what plans do you have for the future?

One of our most important programs is the production of sports clothes and other sporting goods in this complex. We also intend to create new production lines for sewing balls and improve product quality in order to obtain credible international licenses and presence in diverse markets.

Q: Since your company is paying special attention to the future of the sports industry, please tell your big goals about this industry.

 Our future program is to design and manufacture smart soccer balls and obtain international certificates and international organizations licenses.

 Q: While non-oil exports are important for the country (IRAN) What is your Company’s program for foreign exports?

Due to the importance of exports to the economy of the country, over the past two years, we have conducted extensive research on markets in different countries to consider countries with higher economic prospects. Our first phase is neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates And Central Asian countries, and our long-term program includes European, African and South American countries.

Q: Human resources are well-known in organizations that are renowned for thinking. In the minds of managers of these organizations, manpower is the strategic asset of the organization, what do you think about your manpower or your staff?

 Expert human power is the most important capital of any knowledge-based organization. What is the apex of the Tanin Peak sabalan (Beta Sports Balls) is the presence of a powerful and expert manpower, based on market needs, in a knowledge-based and friendly environment, seeking to provide the best solutions, products and services to customers. Our effort has been to create an interactive environment based on continuous learning. Organizing specialized courses in this company based on current needs, and setting base the future of our colleagues based on the career path and the path to success, as well as obtaining specialized certificates in their field of activity, is one of our core programs in the field of education. The idea of ​​graduation after graduation is obsolete by companies that need training for their human powers. We want to provide opportunities for our employees to improve their skills and knowledge during work. Employees who apply for training courses that are even unrelated to their work can be fruitful for our portfolio in the future.

Our company intends to implement a culture of work coincident with education in this complex, which does not necessarily need to leave the company to continue their education opportunities. We call this a “Back to school again” scheme .

Q: Because in today’s world productivity is synonymous with progress, what are your company policies to increase productivity in your production?

We think efforts to improve and benefit from various sources such as labor, materials, energy and information are the goal of all economic managers and industrial production units and service providers. The existence of an appropriate organizational structure, efficient practices, healthy equipment and tools, a suitable work space, and above all, qualified human resources are among the basic requirements that should be presented to managers in order to achieve optimal productivity. Employee participation in targeted efforts and discipline can affect productivity. The spirit of the culture of productivity improvement should be institutionalized and the promotion of productivity should be considered as a combination of different factors. Improving productivity requires comprehensive and planned efforts by individuals and authorities that need to improve working conditions and change employee incentives, improve systems, rules, guidelines, procedures, and so on. Here are some of the important things that have been considered to improve our company’s productivity:

 -High quality work life

 -Ability to learn and use new skills

 – Creating social cohesion in the organization
– Provide opportunities for employee growth and improvement

– Individual rights maintenance

– Balance in the division of work and Rest time

– Create experiences and organizational pride

 – Establish a proper payment system based on performance and create a system of encouragement and punishment

-Improvement the systems and methods that play a vital role

 – An attempt to use employee feedback on decision making and plotting goals and plans

Q: Due to the lack of attention to the importance of the sports industry in Iran, what is your opinion about the industry in the country?

 sport in the twenty-first century has faced numerous demands and limitations, and has provided the groundwork for business development by creating demand for sporting goods and creating attractiveness for communities. Therefore, the production of sports equipment and services and the provision of sports services have helped to boost economic activity and improve the development of sports. Exercise plays a role as a commodity or product in the economic system of the community. The ever-increasing demand from countries for the purchase of quality equipment and equipment has led international companies in the field of the production and trading of goods, equipment, and sports equipment. Nationality in many countries.

The fact that the engine industry is the driving force behind production and economic development, among which the sport industry as a thriving and rich industry has become active in the field of economic exchanges. The sports industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world, with several hundred billion dollars being the annual financial exchanges of the industry. In some countries, there are two larger than automotive industry and seven times the size of the cinema industry in the sports industry. The gross annual income of the sports industry in the world in the sectors of production and consumption of goods and services is estimated at over $ 350 billion a year, accounting for more than three percent of the global economy.

So business and sports are explicitly partnered. They shape each other and form a pattern of co-operation that supports their bilateral development. Increasing production and revenue is at the forefront of the economic programs of different countries, and achieving this requires the recognition of the value of production of various sectors of the economy. Meanwhile, the process of globalization and the expansion of consumer markets, as well as increasing the number of rivals and the intensity of competition, has given importance to concepts such as competitiveness. Many factors in our country have led many industries to not easily compete with other similar products in such a way as to affect the increasing competitiveness of companies and firms in the market.

These include quality, cost, capital, know-how, technology and the absence of tangible supportive laws in the industry. Hence, producers of products and equipment through the production, creation and exchange of products and values ​​with others, as well as the production of quality products, can provide the competitive environment with the most benefit to them; in other words, It can be said that investing in the production of sports products and sports services, on the one hand, creates employment and, on the other hand, adds to GDP.

This will boost economic and social prosperity. However, sport Goods makers face many challenges and obstacles in the business and the environment. Failure to support the government in a variety of ways, such as the lack of allocation of suitable facilities for the development of production, high prices of raw materials and the low supply of raw materials in the market, increased energy costs, especially after targeting subsidies that raise the price Products; and preventing unnecessary entry of non-quality external goods, including these barriers.

Q: We have to admit that our country has not made any significant progress, despite all the efforts that have been made to expand entrepreneurship over the last few years, from establishing institutions and associations to the inclusion of educational programs in schools and universities. What are your suggestions for improving and removing barriers to entrepreneurship development in the country?

 Considering the importance of the subject you mentioned, the following is recommended to improve the entrepreneurship environment in the country: ۱) Improve of bank rules and regulations, such as reducing the requirements and steps for providing bank facilities with a suitable bank interest rate for emerging and emerging companies.2) Modifying and reviewing the labor law with the entrepreneurial approach and firm sustainability (neither the working class approach nor the employer-class approach)3) Modifying the rules of trade, export and import with the entrepreneurial approach4) Reduce administrative bureaucracy in government agencies and institutions, such as municipalities, the environment, corporate registries, etc., which are dedicated to issuing legal licenses for entrepreneurs and business owners.  ۵) Development of office automation in organizations and government agencies to facilitate and eliminate unnecessary administrative processes.6) Entrepreneurship training at elementary, secondary, high school and college level7) Development of independent investment funds at the national and provincial level with the support of government agencies and the use of financial resources for retirement and social security institutions
۸) Development of entrepreneurship culture through the production and production of documentary, cinematic, cartoon about the biography and success of Iranian entrepreneurs and innovators. 9) Replacing system thinking and systematic attitude rather than individual-centered thinking
Q: Work culture among scholars has always been considered as the greatest prerequisite for comprehensive development, so what is your opinion about the culture of work in Iran?  To accelerate the movement towards economic flourishing, supporting a positive and desirable work culture is needed. Therefore, the state of work culture must be transformed by intervening with well-known factors of work culture and trends, insights and knowledge necessary for work in society and organizations. It is recommended that we use internal and external values ​​to develop and enhance the work culture. Indeed, in spite of some ideas in the community, they have not yet taken action to enforce them.
The experience of successful organizations in the other countries shows that, despite environmental factors, there are many positive developments in the organizations, and these developments can be the basis for broad advances across the entire society. The culture of work provides useful and effective use of human and material resources and has beneficial effects in terms of productivity and gaining competitive advantage.
Q: What are your environmental protection measures, given the importance of the environmental issue?  Tanin Peak Sabalan Co is one of the greenest sport Goods producers. At the same time, we strive for a culture of environmental responsibility and practical measures such as strengthening conservation of resources and energy and the presence and support of conferences, symposiums, etc., and helping to protect the environment, the country’s living and sustainable development.
Achievements: • Receipt of the show at the 11th International Exhibition of Sports and Equipment October • Industrial Premium unit in year 89 • Province Premium unit in the year 91 • Top Entrepreneur of the Year 92 • Provincial industrial Premium unit in year 92 • Provincial industrial Premium unit in year 95 • A successful unit in advancing the culture of work safety and health • The province’s qualitative selection unit from the Ardebil Standard Standard Office in 95 and 96 • Get ISO 9001: 2008 certification
• Get a R & D certificate from the Ministry of Mining and Commerce • Receiving a provincial statute and certificate of observance of consumer rights in 1995 • Receipt of quality certification for medical equipment – at a weight of 1-1/5- 2-3-4-5 kg ​​from the sports federation • Getting the standard license application for all manufactured products

Thank you for your presence and wish more success for you and your successful complex